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What is OTT (Over the Top)?

OTT (over-the-top) is a method of providing television and film content over the internet at the consumer’s request and to meet their specific needs. The term “over-the-top” refers to a content provider that goes above and beyond existing internet services.

Over the top platforms, such as Uscreen, have made Over the Top content more accessible to all types of content creators. From yoga instructors to fully produced TV-style shows, you can find premium OTT content all over the internet.

This article will cover the following topics to help you get started with OTT:

  • What is OTT? What are the different types of OTT content?
  • Advantages of Creating OTT Content.
  • Standard OTT features
  • Purpose of OTT
  • Steps to creating a successful OTT platform
  • Advantages of building and hosting an OTT platform
  • Hurdles to creating an OTT platform (and how to overcome them)
  • Common OTT software to develop and host your own OTT platform

Table of Contents

What is OTT (Over The Top)?

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to content delivered via the Internet that bypasses traditional channels, like cable, broadcast television companies, or over-the-air live TV broadcasting.

The name “Over-the-top” insinuates that it sits on top of the distribution system in place by traditional media companies like Comcast.

This means you pay for internet charges from Xfinity to watch Netflix without having to sift through hundreds of channels from Comcast.

The trend started in 2007 but accelerated in 2012 when premium platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime Video began delivering their content directly to consumers.

Today, OTT services are rapidly gaining popularity and completely dominating the entertainment world.

Number of Subscribers worldwide

Netflix paid subscribers worldwide from
1st quarter 2013 to 3rd quarter 2022

Netflix had approximately 223 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the third quarter of 2022.

  • According to estimates, digital media revenue in China will reach 67 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2022. 
  • The streaming video-on-demand revenue in the U.S. is expected to grow from 35.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 to 59.4 billion in 2027.

One of the primary reasons OTT technology has outperformed traditional media distribution methods is its ease of use.

Viewers may access OTT services at any time and location as long as they have an internet connection and an OTT device.

Replacing Traditional Media Distribution.

The speedy growth of digital platforms altered consumer behaviour, increased personalised experiences, and even created cut-throat competition among media platforms.

A new global trend of digital consumption emerged in recent years.

Billion TV Households - What-is-OTT

According to data, the worldwide physical video home market lately dropped, while the digital segment surged dramatically, exceeding DVD and Blu-ray sales in 2016. In 2019, the income from internet video also exceeded box office revenues. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic destroyed the movie sector, although digital in-home entertainment enjoyed the benefits.

There is a 200% growth in time spent on digital OTT platforms.

One of the reasons people are quitting satellite and cable TV is the increasing cable price. On the other hand, OTT is relatively cheaper and more personalised, and entertaining.

These numbers suggest that OTT is indeed taking over satellite and cable TV. You can attribute this takeover to its affordability, numerous choices, and ability to personalise the experience.

And if you are a content provider, OTT services are a terrific method to get your work in front of a vast audience.

Though people commonly assume that OTT content comprises video-on-demand, it also encompasses audio streaming, massage services, and VoIP solutions over the internet.

Different Types of OTT Content.

Although the word “OTT content” is vague, several OTT channels and types of material may be delivered through OTT platforms.

Different types of OTT content include:

  • Video Content covers a wide range of educational resources, entertainment, and lifestyle content. Popular OTT video streaming channels include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Yupp TV, etc
  • Main Stream Australian and New Zealand TV Channels
  • Voice Services – These are services like Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, or other VoIP services delivered over an Internet connection.
  • Messaging refers to messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, WeChat, QQ and Line.
  • Audio Applications – These refer to music streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Velo, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Television – OTT content delivered through Google Chromecast and smart TVs like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

Users of Apple and Android smartphones and tablets may download OTT applications to view OTT content. RDK, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Linux/middleware platforms are typical instances of OTT applications.

Advantages of Creating OTT Content.

There are myriad reasons to develop your own OTT service as a creator and an advertiser.

Thanks to simple accessibility to diverse content genres and live-streaming alternatives, users and creators are now embracing OTT services. Artists find it a tool to generate material without worrying about a set time constraint.

Monetizing OTT content is highly versatile and comes with several alternatives. For instance, OTT platforms like Uscreen help you construct and sell your apps through paid subscriptions, one-time payment methods, advertising, etc.

You also stand a possibility to generate a considerable lot of profit with OTT advertising.

Here’s how:

  • You may connect with the correct household with tailored messaging from OTT advertisements. It enables you to compile behavioural characteristics at the household level, including gender, age, income, viewing interests, and more.
  • Ads provided over OTT can’t be avoided. They are also 100% readable on screen. The adverts also run live during, before, or after the streaming video, which causes their completion rates to reach 90% or more frequently.
  • OTT advertisements guarantee complete viewer focus. A survey indicated that an average OTT watcher completes 98% of premium video commercials. This is achievable because OTT enables marketers to give their target audience relevant content.
  • Targeting is precise with OTT services. Since customers obtain a unique user ID for their devices, advertisers may utilise the ID to their advantage and send out relevant adverts on their devices.

And since OTT platforms allow you to deliver targeted, relevant, and engaging adverts, it leads to more significant ROI than traditional types of advertising.

Other than that, OTT platforms make understanding your subscribers’ trips feasible.

You can follow their motivation, interests, and personas by linking technologies and executing real-time analysis. This is feasible by utilising all-in-one OTT platforms like Uscreen, Setplex, Dacast, Muvi, and more.

You’ll be able to discover what sort of material your leads are interacting with, what type of content is getting streamed on social networks, and what they search for.

Platforms like Uscreen make it feasible to identify your subscribers’ devices to consume your content.

Picture from Uscreen TV

These data points provide you with an upper hand in adapting your sales funnel, content, and adverts based on user behaviour.

Other benefits of OTT marketing include:

  • Geo-targeting.
  • Prospect of reaching a large audience base.
  • The ability to reach a younger and affluent audience.

Additionally, OTT is a benefit for users as well as artists and advertisers.

Although many people just utilise OTT to watch “The Peripheral,” there are other advantages to it than getting a head start on Game of Thrones spoilers.

See the latest TV Series on OTT Platforms:
New TV Shows: A Guide to All the Latest Releases, and Where to Watch Them.
See the link Past Magazine

Here are the characteristics that make OTT an essential media solution for viewers:

  • Cost-effective – OTT channels avoid middlemen and provide content straight to customers, saving both of them money. For as little as AU$6.99 with Ads a month, giants like Netflix offer access to endless episodes and documentaries. Netflix Pricing
  • Customer Freedom – From the consumer’s standpoint, OTT is a natural paradise. With today’s technology, customers may watch what they want, when they want, and on whatever device they want. They haven’t been tied to a specific time slot or cable TV.
  • Ad-Free or Targeted Ads – Consumers no longer have to endure pointless advertisements thanks to ad-free or targeted advertisements.
  • Multi-device Support – You can watch over-the-top content on connected televisions, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, mobile devices, PlayStation, iPads, and Android tablets. A reliable internet connection is all you require.


Standard Features to Look for in an OTT Platform.

There are several OTT platforms available, and each has its distinctive qualities. Before picking an OTT platform, it may be challenging to identify the attributes that it should possess.

In essence, they enable you to create a streaming video player app that users can download and instal on their tablets, smartphones, or desktop computers to view your videos.

Before choosing an OTT platform, there are a few other things you should take into account.

Let’s discuss some of the essential components to search for in your OTT platform:

Video Hosting

Any software or platform that streams video must have a video hosting component. Having more from your OTT platform than embed code would be best. So that you won’t have to worry about bandwidth, you want them to host your video.

You can quickly upload, categorise, manage, and publish your material with a video hosting service.

Your movies will get up immediately, and you’ll even be able to schedule and categorise them. Popular sites like Uscreen provide a 14-day free video hosting services trial. See pricing here.

Video CMS

You need a built-in video CMS that can handle all aspects of maintaining and generating video content, including importing it. Ensure the OTT platform you select has fast upload and compensates and improves speeds for videos in all file types.

What is a Video Content Management System?
A video content management system (CMS) is software that enables you to upload, organize, and deliver video content all from one central place.

Consider the built-in video CMS from Uscreen CMS: 

  • Built-in Video Hosting
    Choose to upload a single video or easily upload in bulk. Add extras like PDFs and workbooks to each video or collection.
  • Live Streaming & On-demand Playback
    Go live on all devices with a push of a button. Your live streams are recorded and available on-demand right after the event.
  • Smooth Playback on all Devices
    Your users will enjoy your content in the highest quality – 100% no buffering guarantee, anywhere in the world.
  • Schedule your Videos
    Set a release date for videos or collections, and publish them automatically on the chosen date.
  • Video Catalog
    The Uscreen VOD (Video on Demand) website themes are engineered to enhance your users’ experience.
  • Set Custom Filters
    Add filters to your content to help your viewers find precisely what they’re looking for. (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Build Smart Playlist
    Use the Uscreen video CMS to create playlists and chapters or organize your videos in a series by episodes.
  • Set Access Rules
    You can set access rules and exclusions for a specific video or your entire website.

Picture from Uscreen Video CMS

You should be able to edit, remove, or add meta tags to your movies from a single dashboard. Social media platforms have to be able to be integrated with the content management system.

Branded OTT Apps and Websites

Your OTT content may be distributed in two ways: by building a brand-new website or an app for users.

Your OTT platform should offer ready-to-use templates that can be modified for applications and websites. It should also include an easy-to-use website builder to help you quickly construct and launch your OTT Applications, Landing Pages and Website.

Video Monetisation

You will undoubtedly want to monetize your video content, so selecting an OTT platform with flexible video monetization options is critical.

Take complete control of your video streaming business for one predictable fee.

Your OTT platform should also allow video monetization models like:

  • Recurring payment plans.
  • Pay-per-view.
  • Paywall, subscription.
  • Video on rent.
  • Ad-supported services.
  • Free content combined with paid options.

Furthermore, it should have extra capabilities to help you implement your monetisation plan.

Assume you want to establish an ad-supported VOD service. In that situation, the OTT platform you select should include an in-built ad server to assist you in managing and running campaigns. All ad forms, including native, banner, video, and overlay, should be supported by the platform.

A secure payment gateway, coupon management, a free trial, and promotional offers are among the other features.

Video APIs

What is a Streaming App?
Mobile & TV apps let you distribute your content everywhere and engage your audiences wherever they are across iOS, Android and OTT platforms such as Roku, AppleTV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

The video API (Application Programming Interface) enables programmers to communicate with various platforms, including an online video streaming solution. They let programmers develop internet video portals, mobile apps, and their streaming services in a matter of minutes.

Using API, you may easily incorporate the video streaming platform into your cloud media setup. Overall, APIs are excellent for speeding encoding and delivery, connecting with current Single Sign-On systems, developing bespoke applications, and so on.

Streaming Apps Boost Revenue
– 50% More Engagement
– 30% Increase in Sales

Real-Time Analytics

Stay ahead of the Game.
A successful video streaming service follows a pattern. With powerful built-in marketing tools, you can unleash the full potential of your video business.

To obtain a competitive advantage, every organisation demands real-time information and data. OTT is no exception.

Real-time analytics data will offer you information about your visitors, the most popular content, income statistics, a breakdown of your viewers by topographical region, length of viewership, and so on.

This in-depth examination will assist you in improving your strategy and planning future material. As a result, revenue will grow, but churn will decrease.

Reclaim lost attention by using abandoned cart automation to build up win-back processes to decrease churn, boost a customer’s lifetime value, and stay in control of your client base.

Video Player

It is critical to have an all-inclusive player that is speedy and provides the best user experience. For example, an HTML5 Online Video Player. At the time of writing, it will give the quickest Full HD video playback on any device. Every time, it’s smooth, sharp, and secure.

You must engage your audience by using best-in-class online video playing, such as an HTML5 Video Player. It is critical to provide your consumers with an unmatched cross-device Full HD viewing experience without sacrificing speed or security.

The OTT platform should provide the following video player features:

  • Resume playback
  • Subtitle support
  • VOD and Live Streaming (HLS) support
  • Adaptive Bitrate Support (auto and manual bitrate switching)
  • Compatible with VPAID tags, VAST, Google IMA, and Facebook audience network tag
  • Customizable
  • User management

Administrators should also be able to manage user access, onboard and offboard users, issue password reset emails, cancel subscriptions, create policies, and so on.

Viewers should be able to manage many profiles under one account, read information offline, and trace history.

What Is an HTML5 Video Player?
HTML5 video players are based on the HLS streaming protocol, which is used to deliver and play online video over the internet. This technology enables broadcasters to provide lag-free video to their audiences across all web browsers and devices worldwide.

Social Media Integration

“Social networking is free to start with and may rapidly start delivering traffic back to your website without the need to write something every hour of the day!”

Your readers may wish to share their favourite material with their social networking connections. Word-of-mouth is more successful than sponsored advertising, so use social media to spread the word. As a consequence, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience and expand your network.

Built-in Marketing Tools

Built-in marketing solutions may provide long-term value to your website and apps. A built-in SEO tool, for example, can help you rank better in search engines.

Ideally, your OTT platform should provide marketing capabilities to assist you in retaining subscribers, cross-selling, upselling, lowering churn, recovering abandoned carts, and so on.

Landing page templates and builders are available on major OTT platforms like Uscreen to help you develop email lists and boost your audience.

Uscreen List of Tools:
– Marketing Integration
– Gift Cards
– Email Automation
– Landing Pages
– Upsells & Downsells
– Subscription Tools

Convert leads to build a new audience or convert existing followers to paid clients. Create lead generation funnels to capture and nurture leads. Make special offers to close the purchase and utilise the upsell option to optimise profits on each sale.


Other factors to examine are the platform’s pricing, interoperability with other systems, and customer service quality.


Purpose of OTT

OTT initially drew an audience tired of television commercials and the traditional cable model of content distribution.

However, it was not an overnight sensation.

OTT initially appeared in 2007 when Netflix began providing its users with the option of streaming some of its programmes straight to their homes over the internet.

Regardless, the breakthrough for internet TV occurred in 2013, when Netflix published its first original web series, “House of Cards,” which was a huge hit and ran for six seasons, earning multiple awards for both the artists and Netflix.

Today, Netflix has 223 million paying users globally (as of the third quarter of 2022), whereas Apple TV has 25 million (March 2022). 9.4 million viewers on TV Channel 7+plus in 2021.

Not only Netflix but the market is currently flooded with multiple platforms that offer users a customizable content viewing experience.

The myriad difficulties that OTT platforms solve and the reasons that they serve to contribute to their success.

Here are some of the purposes of OTT content:

Commercial-Free TV Viewing Experience

The primary goal of OTT is to enable ad-free watching, on-demand programming, and unlimited access to the channel. This offers good value to customers while driving conventional TV distributors to innovate and enhance their offerings.

This trend is expected to continue, with major players such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Premium and Amazon Prime already delivering original programming.

Unlimited Entertainment

Previously, television viewers could not pick what they watched on the broadcast.

Consumers may watch as many episodes as they want, when and when they want, thanks to OTT services. Customers can even manage multiple shows or episodes of the same show in succession.

Furthermore, unlike in the past, when customers had to sit in front of their television sets at a fixed hour, they now have complete discretion over what they want to watch. You won’t miss anything if you pause your video or movie whenever you need to answer a phone call, use the restroom or brew a cup of coffee.

Broadcasting Live Content

With a robust live-streaming platform, you can take your online presence to a new level.

Many OTT providers even allow you to broadcast live material over the Internet without needing costly broadcast infrastructure or subscriptions.

Because OTT broadcasts are essentially branded video content, they may reach a big audience without advertising. You may also create personalised branding for your channel by adding colours, titles, images, and logos.

With a full HD live streaming platform, you can provide your audience with a five-star viewing experience. Live chat and streaming capabilities on the web, mobile applications, and TV apps may help you grow your community.

Your live streams can potentially make income with Live Viewing. Choose whether to include live broadcasts in your membership packages, provide them for free, or charge a fee per watch.

Picture from Uscreen TV

Create a Successful OTT Platform

When most people think of video streaming services, they think of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

However, there are other additional OTT platforms that you may not be aware of since they are not performing well.

Launching a successful OTT service involves far more than simply developing an app. You must spend in marketing, business alignment, and a comprehensive technology platform.

So, what are successful OTT platforms doing correctly? Let’s investigate what it takes to build a successful OTT platform.

Choose a Popular Niche

Today, one of the most prominent niches is entertainment. However, if you select a large area like entertainment, you’ll be up against industry heavyweights like Netflix. It would be best to choose a well-liked speciality before building your OTT platform.

Select more specialised categories, such as eSports, lifestyle, fitness, poker games, cooking show, and eLearning, which are flourishing.

By creating a specialised streaming service in these markets, you may focus on a particular audience.

The next thing to consider is the audience you want that will view your videos.

Note: The most-watched videos are dominated by kid-friendly programming and music videos. Every video in the top 10 of the most viewed videos on YouTube in 2022 is either a music video or a kid’s song. (Aug 2022)

Other popular categories on OTT:

  • Photography and Videography Channels
  • Educational Channels
  • Gaming Channels
  • Vlogging Channels
  • Tech Channels
  • Fitness Channels
  • News Channels
  • Comedy Channels
    and more…

Consider asking yourself these Questions:

  • Does your target audience consist of children?
  • Do you want adults to view your videos?
  • General audience to watch your videos?
  • What is the Gender? or Geographic location?
  • Only to a specific Culture?

You may build customised content and more specialised marketing efforts by picking a niche.

Choose The Right Monetising Model

Users of OTT services may make money from both on-demand and live content. More people are using on-demand content, which is supplied to the target audience according to their convenience and preferences.

Some of the revenue models you can select from are as follows:

  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD): This video monetisation strategy provides users unrestricted access to on-demand video content via platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime for a nominal monthly price.
  • Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD): A video-on-demand monetization model that gives users free access to the platform’s on-demand content in return for watching advertisements. Ad income is the primary source of revenue in AVOD, and it is utilised to offset production and hosting expenses.
  • Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD}: TVOD is the opposite of subscription video, where viewers pay per watch for content. There are two sub-categories: download to rent (DTR), where customers may access a piece of material for a short period for a lower cost, and electronic sell-through (EST), where you pay once to have permanent access to a piece of content.

Additionally, live-streaming media offers advantages. Real-time user-centric content may be provided, and the pay-per-view business model can be used to commercialise it.

Create Your Video Website

It’s time to build a website to embed and host your videos now that you’ve decided on your business plan. There are several advantages to utilising a website to distribute your material.

It will help you:

  • Rank higher in search engines.
  • Add a landing page to grow your email list.
  • Build an integrated payment gateway.
  • Use live chat and comments to interact with your audience.
  • Provide quick customer support.

Furthermore, if viewers cannot use the app, they may always go to your website.

It should go without saying that your website should be appealing, clear, and simple to use.

Your goal should be to give your members the finest possible user experience – on par with services like Netflix or YouTube.

Your subscribers will become weary of browsing through hundreds of movies to locate the ones they like if you don’t offer a simple user experience (UX).

Note that most well-known OTT websites lack prominent search boxes on their home pages. Instead, a video appears at the top of the website before a list of the members’ favourite or most-watched episodes, creating a simple and unique user experience.

For example, Netflix customises their user experience on the first page.

On a single Netflix account, customers may establish several profiles. Additionally, it provides unique and tailored content recommendations for each profile.

Get rid of lengthy sign-up forms to provide your members with an easy onboarding experience.

Controls for your video player are another essential component of a platform’s interface that may affect how the user interacts with the platform. To lead customers around your website or app, employ them logically. There should be no problems for new users.

What are you looking for in an OTT Hosting Platform?

You want an OTT video subscription platform that would enable artists from various sectors to start a successful video subscription business and market their videos online.

  • Everything in one place
    You want the Hosting to contain everything: video hosting, streaming, built-in billing, monetisation, analytics, and end-user support, giving you everything you need to establish and scale a fantastic streaming business.
  • Features like:
    You want the organisation to be dynamic and innovative to develop new technology, marketing, and analytics solutions that function across all devices. You want the platform to provide an increasing list of properly designed, tested, and deployed features to help you remain ahead of the competition.
  • Easy-to-build landing pages
    You want the opportunity to customise your landing page, website, and applications to reflect your brand and provide your audience with a unique experience. You may alter your storefront as much or as little as you like. You can choose a theme, add logos, modify the colour scheme, or make sophisticated changes using custom CSS and HTML.
  • Transparent pricing, predictable fees
    You want the firm to provide you with a clear, predictable price structure for each OTT provider’s options and plans.
  • Plans that scale with you
    You want the business to make it simple to switch between plans without worrying about exceeding the subscriber or hosting restrictions.
  • Own your audience
    You want the business to provide you complete control over your customers’ data, which is safely kept in their database and used for billing and other purposes. If you utilise Stripe, all the billing information is kept in your Stripe account, which you may export at any moment.
  • Onboarding, marketing training and support
    You want the business to offer marketing training seminars, onboarding webinars, and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.
  • High rated apps
    You want the company’s apps to be designed to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s consumers. Fast loading speeds, clean design, and an excellent user experience are just a few reasons you must succeed across all platforms and devices.
  • Program Integrations
    We all have tools that we adore and intend to keep using indefinitely. You must be able to use the majority of the available connectors, such as ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Stripe, PayPal, and many others.
  • Customer Service
    They must aid you and your end consumers and offer world-class customer service. They should have a well-written Help and FAQ section, email, and 24/7 round-the-clock support.

Build a Branded OTT App

The future of video streaming lies in OTT applications, which allow users to view anything they want, whenever they want, on any device.

The sort of software you wish to build must be decided upon first.

There are usually four types of OTT apps:

  • Mobile Smart Phones
  • Tablet
  • Notebook and Desktop Computers
  • Smart TV

Every kind of application has a certain function. The choice is based on the material you produce and how your target audience prefers to consume it.

For instance, if you instruct your audience in yoga, they will need a lot of room to follow your directions. The possibilities are that they’ll view your videos on a giant screen to rehearse the steps simultaneously.

In light of this, Smart TV applications are ideal for you.

Configure your branding, logo, and theme colours as you construct your app. They should be constant the entire time.

Once more, pay attention to the user experience and a straightforward user interface.

All of your configuration needs, from setup to app start, may be met by using Uscreen.

Distribute Your Content To Smart TVs and Other Devices

Your content delivery shouldn’t be restricted to desktop computers or only mobile devices. Make sure it’s accessible to everyone who wants to download or gain access to it using any device, such as tablets, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, smart TVs, etc.

More exposure will result from making your material accessible on all portable electronic devices. Thankfully, many OTT platforms do the labour-intensive work for you.

A built-in video player, for instance, is available on Uscreen and may be added to any platform.

Your player ensures that your movies are automatically resized to fit any screen or device. The platform configures even the distribution of your material based on the equipment subscribers requires to see it.

With the help of Uscreen’s mobile and TV applications, you can engage your consumers wherever they are on iOS, Android, and OTT platforms like Roku, AppleTV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Include In-App Purchases And Payment Gateways

A seamless, robust connection with Stripe, PayPal, and gives users a hassle-free checkout and payment experience. Uscreen simplifies developing and expanding any video business, from recurring to pay-per-view and rentals.

  • Subscription
    Offer access for a recurring fee.
  • Rentals
    Charge for limited-time access to your content.
  • Pay-Per-View
    Monetize your content per one-time fee.
  • Bundles
    Sell access to a bundle for a one-time fee.
  • Free Trial
    Allow users to enjoy your content for free for a limited time.
  • Lifetime
    Offer lifetime access to your content for a one-time fee.

Analyze User Behavior Insights

Understanding user behaviour is critical to developing a great user experience when people consume content on any device. To generate more tailored content, you must first understand what your visitors want and desire.

You must maintain control over your consumer base. With abandoned cart automation, you may recapture lost attention. Return lost customers with targeted emails. Reduce churn and boost a customer’s lifetime value. Send Coupons to win them back – everything in one spot.

  • Reduce Churn
  • Coupons
  • Try Again for Free
  • Abandoned Cart

You should have access to information such as:

  • Who are your users?
  • What Device they’re using?
  • How they’re finding and navigating through your Content?
  • If they’re coming back for more?

Choose an OTT platform that includes analytics tools. It should provide detailed information such as real-time traffic updates, user behaviour analytics, current viewing status, revenue report, etc.

Promote Your Content on Social Media

Social networking is an effective way to attract new subscribers and improve video views. Indeed, video content is the driving force behind social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Facebook generates 4 billion video views every day, according to data.

Social media platforms may be excellent tools for locating your target audience. Use teasers, trailers, and other marketing-style content to increase your everyday reach.

Social sharing may also be enabled within your app or desktop site. Let your readers share their favourite material on their social media profiles with their friends.


Obstacles to Developing an OTT Platform (And How to Overcome Them).

While traditional TV programming faces issues such as cord-cutting and bandwidth limits, OTT services continue to draw an audience with little interest in watching traditional TV.

And now that mobile technology has started to adopt the 5G delivery format, capable of delivering greater quality streaming video, it is the ideal moment to launch your own OTT service.

However, there are various reasons why your OTT business may fail.

Dealing With Huge Competition

OTT platforms will face a massive challenge as a result of increased competition. You will also have competition from other OTT services and the giant video streaming network Netflix.

These well-known names continue to add more exclusive shows and movies to their repertoire in addition to their extensive collection of original shows and films.

With so many competitors, it could be difficult for startups to distinguish and attract customers.

The simplest method to stand out from your rivals is to attempt to outperform them in every manner possible. Even if you might not surpass their advertising strategies, you can provide your viewers more for their money.

Although Netflix makes it simple for families to share content by allowing you to view it on numerous devices simultaneously, you can watch Netflix content on one to four devices simultaneously, depending on your plan type. Up to 5 Netflix profiles may be made, allowing for personalised suggestions for each user. You must thus identify a niche to succeed; perhaps providing a free plan or access to a specific free resource is another method to attract clients.

Dealing With Subscription Fatigue

Online services and goods have swamped the market. As a result of continually renewing and moving between subscription services, many customers report feeling worn out.

According to, a company that analyses e-commerce and payment methods, by the end of 2021, the typical American consumer had five retail subscriptions, up from less than two in 2020 before the pandemic struck.

According to the Kearney poll, more than half of customers sought to cut their monthly subscription exposure to under $50. 40% of customers believe they have too many subscriptions overall.

According to 2018 research, more than half of customers who signed up for subscription services quit within six months, and one-third did so in less than three.

Finding the appropriate mix between providing high-quality material and client retention is one strategy to combat subscription weariness. To make onboarding simple for your audiences, be sure to remove as many registration barriers as you can.

Misunderstanding Your Audience

Every successful business, even OTT, depends on knowing who its target market is. You won’t be able to convince people to subscribe to your platform if you can’t figure out what they desire and require.

You should know who will be watching your material, where they are located, and what kinds of stuff they enjoy, particularly in the case of speciality channels. Avoid focusing on a too-specific or crowded niche to prevent misinterpretation of your audience.

Using The Wrong Technology

For many platform owners, using the incorrect technology and equipment in OTT can be a significant difficulty. The improper tools might impact all aspects of your campaign, including click-through rates, performance indicators, and the number of subscribers and shares you receive.

Utilizing cloud technology’s advantages is the correct course of action. Users of the cloud have the option to expand rapidly, and you don’t need to spend money on premise-based hardware.

Like Uscreen, which uses the Akamai worldwide CDN, because Akamai has servers worldwide, viewers may watch your movies instantaneously and without buffering time from any location. Both Netflix and Youtube broadcast videos using the same process.

After considering your alternatives, use online OTT platforms like Uscreen, Setplex, Dacst, Muvi, and others to simplify the process.

Poor User Experiance

Offering a poor user experience is challenging. Online viewers are already familiar with how Netflix evolved into a more effective method of matching users with content. It also provides exceptional platform support and user interface design.

Additionally, the platform provides customised recommendations. You must offer comparable user experiences if you want to draw in clients.

Building and Hosting Your Own OTT Platform With OTT Software

Selecting the right OTT platform is essential to give the best video streaming experience. The finest OTT platforms offer simple access to your content, including movies, TV shows, educational courses, and tutorials.

Our top selections for the best OTT software are listed below:

Best Overall

The top turnkey platform for monetizing video content, Uscreen enables producers to sell their videos online.

A video platform called Uscreen OTT enables publishers and content producers to deliver their videos on any device. It also allows the coding-free deployment of your own branded OTT apps.

They’re the best OTT platform overall for a variety of reasons.

Pricing: The monthly price for the pricing plan is $79.

Uscreen is my top recommendation if you want to start using OTT platforms.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Uscreen today.

Best All-in-One

A streaming and OTT service provider with a wide range of broadcast channels, flexible monetization options, and more.

Do you wish to include several channels and monetise them any way you please? Setplex offers services for IPTV, content creators, government IPTV, and more. We suggest Setplex if you seek a straightforward, practical, cost-effective solution.

Pricing: Fill out their inquiry form for quote-based plans.

Best for Professional

With access to international markets, Dacast provides OTT VoD and live-streaming solutions on various platforms and mobile devices.

VOD and live streaming services are provided by Dacast, a single streaming platform. It offers a comprehensive range of potent OTT capabilities ideal for experienced broadcasters. This platform allows for the safe distribution of video material to audiences worldwide and is password controlled.

Pricing: The monthly price for the pricing plan is $65.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Dacast today.

Best for Streaming

Muvi approaches OTT video on demand, video hosting, audio hosting, and live OTT streaming from a full-stack perspective.

Considering establishing a platform for streaming music or video? Please choose Muvi in that case. Thanks to their plan’s inclusion of an all-inclusive mobile website, you will be able to set up and start immediately. Another helpful feature is the capacity to broadcast audio exclusively.

Pricing: The monthly standard pricing plan starts at US$399.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Muvi today.


OTT is no longer a “niche” market with a small number of suppliers and users. OTT is rapidly gaining acceptance due to its accessibility, affordability, engagement, reach, and personal ability.

Using OTT content, you can also significantly increase your revenue. All you require is the appropriate content, effective revenue methods, and a branded app.

All platforms include a few distinctive characteristics as well as certain fundamental functions. However, they are all appropriate for streaming live events and VODs. Consider your needs carefully, then select an acceptable spending limit. You’ll be able to conclude with greater objectivity.

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