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iPhone AirDrop – US Police Warn of “Dangerous” New Feature

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The police in the USA are warning against a new iPhone function “NameDrop or AirDrop” and the exchange of contact data. But is this really so dangerous?

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Several Police authorities in the USA have issued warnings about the new iPhone function Namedrop in recent days. This practical feature allows contact data to be shared between two iPhones when they are held together.

The function makes it possible for stalkers to obtain contact data, according to the warnings posted on Facebook. People should therefore deactivate the function immediately, especially on children’s iPhones, according to the wording.

One feature that might relate to our question is AirDrop, which allows iPhone users to share photos, videos, contacts, and other content with nearby Apple devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While this feature can be convenient, if your AirDrop settings are set to “Everyone,” it could potentially allow strangers in close proximity to send you content, including their contact information. This may raise privacy and security concerns if misused by individuals with malicious intent.

Many iPhone NameDrop and AirDrop safety measures

But is Namedrop as dangerous as the police authorities make it out to be? No. What is true is that the function is activated by default if you have updated to the iOS 17 operating system. However, it is not true that Namedrop simply passes on your contact details to everyone with an iPhone in the vicinity.

For Namedrop to become active, the two iPhones must practically touch each other, at the top of the devices. This alone should allay the fears of most sensible users.

There are also other security precautions that make unauthorized sharing of contact data unlikely. Once a connection has been established between the two iPhones, they vibrate. In addition, sharing must be explicitly permitted by pressing a button – and the iPhone must also be unlocked for this.

Police Warning

Police warnings might stem from instances of harassment or unwanted content being shared through AirDrop by strangers. In such cases, it’s essential to adjust your AirDrop settings to limit who can send you content. You can change this setting to “Contacts Only” or “Receiving Off” to minimize the risk of receiving unsolicited data from unknown sources.

Pure fear-mongering

The source of the whole uproar appears to have been a viral Tiktok video that caught the attention of police officers from the states of Illionis, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Wisconsin, among others. After the police warnings, the issue ended up on local television, where an “expert” claimed that the iPhone feature was being abused by pedophiles. Pure scaremongering.

Keep it Safe

Always exercise caution when sharing or receiving information digitally, especially when it involves contact data or personal information. It’s important to stay updated with the latest security measures provided by Apple and to adjust your device settings to protect your privacy and security.

In this case, you should not pay any attention to the police. “Namedrop is absolutely safe for children”, writes

Yes, the function that allows you to quickly disclose contact information if you desire is widely misinterpreted by local police agencies disseminating warnings on social media.

This is how it works

NameDrop was enabled for newer Apple Watches in iOS 17.1 as an extension of the iPhone’s AirDrop capability. Despite being there for nearly two months, many local cops seem to have just recently become aware of it.

The function is activated by default and works as follows: you place the top of your iPhone near to someone else’s, a sleek animation with vibration plays, and you are then given the choice to exchange your contact information. You have the option of Sharing (sending your contact information and getting theirs) or getting Only. Simply move your phones apart or lock one of them to cancel.

The crucial omission here is that you must not only hold the tops of your gadgets extremely close together for a few seconds, but you must also intentionally elect to give your contact information. With this function, no one can just “suck up” your children’s contact information.

If you truly want to disable it, click to Settings > General > AirDrop and search for the Start Sharing By heading, then switch off the Bringing Devices Together option.

Curiously, these police agencies neglected to conduct tests on their own iPhones to ascertain the veracity of the TikTok video. Posting a scary warning on their Facebook page is a far simpler task.

However, this clearly indicates that Apple should improve its efforts in informing customers about the newly additional capabilities in iOS upgrades and providing clear instructions on how to utilise them. The little introductory screens and notifications used to emphasise features nowadays are almost entirely disregarded, as the majority of users promptly dismiss them by tapping or swiping, without perusing, in order to resume their previous activities. Our behaviour has been influenced by several frequent popups for advertisements, cookies, terms and conditions, End User Licence Agreements (EULAs), and so on, to just go by clicking without much thought, and it could be worth exploring other methods to ensure that a billion iPhone users comprehend the important new features in a software update.

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