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Time-Lapse Video on GoPro

Photographers that enjoy the outdoors and nature have much to gain from capturing exceptional moments that other people would likely miss due to their hectic daily lives.

You might be able to identify the clouds in the sky, but you won’t care to watch them move since it takes time and could get boring. Additionally, you risk missing out on the blooming of your garden’s lovely flowers. GoPro time-lapse video is excellent for capturing these moments since it can catch long-lasting events. Only a GoPro camera and a basic understanding of how to turn a GoPro time-lapse into a video are required.

Reading this article will enhance your comprehension of the GoPro 4K timelapse video.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What is GoPro Time Lapse Video

GoPro time-lapse films are a popular feature of GoPro cameras. A GoPro camera, such as the GoPro HERO5, captures a sequence of frames or photos combined to make a time-lapse video. To make the film continuous, this series of images is played quickly.

The time intervals needed to shoot the video depending on how long it will take. Thus, they might range from seconds to minutes. For instance, the interval speeds on the GoPro HERO5 are 0.5 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds.

GoPro time-lapse videos are distinct from conventional videos since the latter entails taking a series of photographs quickly and stitching them together in real time. To capture situations developing over time, seasoned videographers employ time lapses. Eclipses, sunsets, sunrises, clouds, and flower buds are a few examples of such vistas.

This kind of sample sound best when recorded at mid-range intervals. In action or athletics, shorter breaks are employed, whereas longer ones are appropriate for time-consuming tasks like building.

When recording GoPro time-lapse footage, the majority of GoPro cameras provide a variety of choices. As a result, you may capture GoPro 2.7K, 1080p, and 4K timelapse videos. So GoPro time-lapse footage may be trusted to capture wildlife, cities, and beaches.

GoPro Time-Lapse Interval Settings by PWD Media

Part 2. How to Make a Time-Lapse Video on GoPro

You must know the ideal settings for GoPro time-lapse movie before learning how to create it to get the most outstanding results.

  • Set the proper shooting interval first.
  • Next, pick the ideal resolution.
  • Select the precise playback speed.
  • Lastly, choose the duration of the video.

When taking time-lapse videos of moving objects like clouds or insects, or people in cities, you should consider a variety of factors since you could slow down. You should also consider this when photographing the dawn and sunset, as well as growing plants and blossoming flowers.

The following steps are required to produce time-lapse videos using a GoPro:

  • Turn on your GoPro device, such as the HERO5 model.
  • Tap the Shooting mode icon in the lower left corner.
  • Select Time-Lapse Video by tapping the Time Lapse symbol on the right side of the screen.
  • To select your settings, go to Res, FOV, and Interval.
  • After selecting, press the screen to make the settings vanish.
  • Press the Record button to begin the GoPro time-lapse video tutorial.
  • Download the recording from the time-lapse film that GoPro has created by plugging your camera into a computer or using the computer’s SD card reader.
GoPro Time-Lapse Video Photo or Night Photo by PWD Media

Where to get your GoPro Camera

Part 3. How to Edit GoPro Time Lapse Video

In particular, when sharing its content with a professional audience, a GoPro time-lapse video will likely appear unpolished. The ability to delete and integrate elements that make the video more entertaining and professional when appropriate makes video editing vital. Wondershare UniConverter is the finest GoPro time-lapse programme for these types of editing. (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). Due to its GoPro time-lapse software Mac and Windows support, which makes it dependable on both systems, it is highly practical.

Wondershare UniConverter offers several editing options, including improving video quality, adding text, cropping, cutting, and adding effects, a watermark, and subtitles. As a result, you have a good chance of pleasing your audience, especially if it comprises members of society who are deaf or have visual impairments. Additionally, the programme saves time because of its high-speed performance, which is 30 times faster than competing tools. The features listed below will inform you of more Wondershare UniConverter capabilities.

After your GoPro time-lapse movie has finished being recorded, think about doing the following actions to improve your presentation.

Step 1 - Run Wondershare UniConverter and Import GoPro Time Lapse Videos

Wondershare UniConverter is available on the company’s official website, so downloading and installing it will be quick. Launch the application, then import the pertinent GoPro time-lapse movie. The +Add Files button is located on the Converter tab. Choose it to make handling imports simple.

Considering that Wondershare provides several editing possibilities, take note to the editing icons, which include Effect, Crop, and Trim.

Video Tutorial: How to Trim/Merge Video Using Wondershare UniConverter

GoPro Here11 by PWD Media
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Step 2 - Edit the GoPro Time Lapse Video

The GoPro 4K timelapse films may be started being edited by various cutting techniques. You have four options for trimming the videos using the Trim icon.

1. Trim the start or finish by dragging the mouse along the time slider. The Pen symbol will show when you click it. Enter the cutting time, choose Cut, and then use the Delete and OK icons to make modifications.

2. To cut the movie in half, move the slider to the beginning or ending middle point, choose Cut, and then repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other middle point. Select Delete, then OK.

3. Trim undesired video sections by selecting them and then clicking “Delete.” Use the Merge into one file function to obtain a single file because you will still have some residual parts. When finished, press OK.

4. Cut a lengthy GoPro time-lapse movie into multiple segments by dragging the slider to various cutting points and selecting Cut each time. To preserve the modifications, press the OK button.

You may edit your GoPro 4K time-lapse movie using the Crop icon in several ways. Use the aspect ratio drop-down menu to determine the video ratio, following the steps below.

1. Using the Rotation options provided, you may rotate the video. This entails flipping vertically and horizontally or spinning anticlockwise and clockwise.

2. Continue cropping to change the video’s size. Therefore, move the video frame’s corners inward or outward to obtain the required height or size. To save changes, click OK.

You may also add specific effects to your video using the Effect icon. Adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation are among the possibilities, along with selecting the interface. You may utilise the Auto Enhance tool to create automatic video effect apps. Then press OK.

Your GoPro time-lapse film can also have a watermark added using the Effect icon. Just open the editing window and select the Watermark tab. Select the kind, picture, and word watermark you want to use, and then include them. Your watermark will be saved once you click OK.

Wondershare Subtitles is another feature offered by UniConverter, and they may be accessed by clicking the Effect icon. In the editing box that appears, choose Subtitle. To import subtitles you downloaded to your computer, select the (…) symbol and click the Add button. If you need more, the Search icon will assist you in finding people online. To save any modifications, use the OK function.

Step 3 - Change Format if Necessary and Finalise Editing

The time-lapse movie shot with a GoPro will be in MP4 format. Choose the appropriate format from the Setting icon, such as AVI, if you want to change the output format. By selecting the Convert feature, you may complete editing of GoPro 4K timelapse recordings. The Finished tab at the top provides access to the altered output file.


With GoPro time-lapse footage, you can still capture the environment’s or people’s movement. You can also use Wondershare UniConverter to edit the videos to create entertaining ones for your audience. This GoPro time-lapse software is compatible with Mac and Windows and allows you to edit many aspects of the video.

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