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Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie

Web Design / Creation

PWD Creates a Stunning New Website for Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie

At PWD, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier web design services tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our latest project involved creating an engaging and visually appealing website for Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie, a South American exotic flower. This project, executed entirely in German by our Swiss branch, presented an exciting challenge, and we’re thrilled to share the details of our journey from the initial consultation to the final product.

Initial Consultation

The journey began with an in-depth initial consultation with the Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie team. We aimed to understand their vision, goals, and the unique qualities of their exotic flower. This consultation highlighted several key objectives:

  • Showcase the beauty of the Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie
  • Provide educational content about the flower
  • Engage visitors with interactive elements
  • Create a resource hub with articles on garden tips and tricks

By the end of the consultation, we had a clear roadmap for developing a website that would captivate and inform visitors.


With the insights gained from our consultation, our design team in Switzerland began crafting a website that would reflect the elegance and uniqueness of the Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie. We focused on visually appealing design, highlighting the flower’s exotic charm while ensuring a user-friendly experience.


Colour plays a crucial role in web design, and for this project, we chose a palette inspired by the Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie’s natural hues. Soft greens, vibrant whites, black, and Fire Engine Red (#CB3522) were selected to evoke the beauty of the flower and its natural habitat. These colours not only created a visually pleasing aesthetic but also helped convey the flower’s organic and exotic nature.

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The layout design of the website was designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. We opted for a clean, minimalist design that would allow the content and images to shine. Key features of the layout included:

  • High-quality images: Showcasing the Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie in its full glory.
  • Interactive elements: Such as hover effects and sliders to engage visitors.
  • Easy navigation: Ensuring visitors could easily find information about the flower and related content.
  • Responsive design: Ensuring the website looked great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Creating 69+ Articles (and growing)

One of the most ambitious aspects of this project was creating 69+ (and still expanding) detailed articles all around the Switzerland Garden, offering tricks, guidance, and suggestions for garden enthusiasts. Our content team, based in Switzerland, worked tirelessly to research and write these articles in German, ensuring they were informative, engaging, and valuable to our audience. Topics ranged from planting tips and maintenance guides to creative garden design ideas and seasonal advice.

These articles added substantial value to the website and established it as a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in gardening and the Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie.


The Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie website project allowed PWD to showcase our web design and content creation expertise. The final product is a beautiful, engaging, and informative website that captures the essence of the exotic flower while providing valuable resources for garden enthusiasts. This project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet our client’s unique needs.

We invite you to visit the new Hymenocallis Spinnenlillie website and explore the beauty and wonder of this South American exotic flower. At PWD, we look forward to many more projects where we can bring our client’s visions to life with creativity and precision, leveraging our Swiss branch’s expertise and local knowledge.

Moreover, we proudly offer our services for creating German-language websites tailored for audiences in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Whether you need a stunning visual presence, informative content, or an engaging user experience, PWD is ready to deliver exceptional results for your German-speaking audience.

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