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OZ Care Disability Services Pty Ltd is a leading disability support organisation that provides comprehensive services and support to individuals with disabilities across Australia. When approached by OZ Care Disability Services Pty Ltd, they provided a verbal business description outlining their vision and goals for their online presence. As the website developer, our task was to transform their vision into a user-friendly and informative website that effectively communicates their services and engages their target audience.

Website Development Process:

1. Requirement Gathering:

To ensure a deep understanding of OZ Care Disability Services’ business, we conducted extensive discussions with the key stakeholders. This allowed us to gain insights into their target audience, services, and unique selling points. These discussions helped us shape the structure and functionality of the website.

2. Design and User Experience:

Based on the client’s requirements and industry best practices, we created a clean and modern design for the website. The design created a welcoming and accessible environment, reflecting OZ Care Disability Services’ commitment to inclusivity. Our team focused on intuitive navigation and user experience, ensuring visitors could easily find the needed information.

3. Content Development:

Understanding the importance of compelling content, we worked closely with OZ Care Disability Services Pty Ltd to develop engaging and informative copy for the website. The content was tailored to their target audience and highlighted their unique services, programs, and initiatives. It was crucial to balance providing comprehensive information and maintaining readability.

4. News Section and Articles:

In addition to the main website, our team created an engaging News section that would serve as a platform for OZ Care Disability Services Pty Ltd to share updates, success stories, and industry-related news. We developed 11 initial articles that covered various relevant topics, from disability rights to personal development. These articles provided valuable information to visitors and laid the foundation for the company to continue publishing new content.

5. Responsive Design and Optimisation

Recognising the significance of mobile usage, we ensured that the website was fully responsive and optimised for different devices and screen sizes. This allowed users to access the website seamlessly from desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms. 

Outcome and Impact:

The development of the ozcaredisability.com.au website played a significant role in enhancing OZ Care Disability Services’ online presence and establishing them as a trusted and reliable disability support organisation. The website effectively showcased their services, enabling potential clients and their families to understand the range of support available. 

The News section and articles created a valuable resource for OZ Care Disability Services’ audience, fostering engagement and knowledge-sharing within the disability community. By regularly updating the section with fresh content, OZ Care Disability Services can continue positioning itself as a thought leader and advocate for individuals with disabilities. 

The website development project successfully translated OZ Care Disability Services Pty Ltd’s vision into a functional and visually appealing online platform. The user-friendly design, informative content, and seamless user experience contribute to the website’s effectiveness in attracting and engaging its target audience.

Thank you, OZ Care, for your trust in the Team @ PWD Team

Justifying the Dollar Value of Investment

(average customer value x annual customers generated) / annual website cost = website ROI.

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