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New Year New Website by PWD

New Year – New Website

New Year – How to Update your Website

Over the years we have worked with lots of companies and organisations.
They all have one key aspect in common:
They're successful.

This year consider a new Website.

There isn’t anything in the modern digital world that isn’t evolving and changing all the time. The same should apply to your website. You must stay on top of your game and make sure you’re covering the most recent trends if you want to keep your audience interested and your material appealing. Otherwise, you run the danger of coming across as irrelevant and outdated.

With us as your website builder, you can easily ask us to alter your site and give it a facelift. Our team is eager to assist and explain how we can enhance your website.

Why update your old website to a New Website

Consider whether a few small changes may help push your site to the next level before embarking on a full-fledged website upgrade, which includes website redesign (a large job that could possibly take considerably longer). Knowing how to develop a website is one thing; knowing how to keep it continually updated is quite another.

Here are some reasons to update your website if you’re unsure whether it needs some bit of website maintenance:

  • The style is ancient.
  • Sales have dropped at your online store.
  • You are reevaluating your whole SEO strategy and keyword targeting.
  • Improve the webpage menus to make it simpler to navigate
  • Improve your website’s bounce rate, speed, and other crucial site metrics.

Eight steps to updating a website

Examine your existing content and design

Table of Contents

Giving your present website a careful analysis is the first stage in your website makeover. You aren’t producing any new material now; instead, you are merely determining what is successful and what is not. You’ll be able to clearly state everything that requires updating if you do it this way.

Visual Content: Check the calibre and applicability of your visual assets, such as photos and videos. Look for anything that appears old, pixelated, or otherwise fuzzy. Images that are out-of-date or inconsistent with your current brand identity could be found.

The user experience on your site may be significantly impacted by outdated video files that are too large. You won’t always need to erase the pictures in these situations altogether. Instead, you may make them more lively by using online media editing tools. Also, pay attention to how quickly your website loads.

Written Material: Peruse the written website content in addition to the visual elements of your site. Search for any broken links as well as any missing or inaccurate data.

You could, for instance, have outdated blog entries that are no longer relevant or mission statements that don’t quite speak the same language as your brand. Perhaps you could expand on a specific item or service you’re offering or change the wording on your call-to-action button to encourage more clicks.

Verify the data on your website.

In addition to carefully examining your website’s front end (the area visitors see), we need to review your website analytics. We will better understand your audience’s behaviour and how to modify your website to effectively meet their demands.

We will be able to trace the traffic to your website by integrating analytics and tracking technologies. We’ll be able to monitor crucial data, such as the most popular pages, the average time visitors spend on each page, and bounce rates (meaning, how many visitors left your site without interacting with it at all).

When we understand your consumers’ actions better, we go one step further and investigate their possible motivations. We consider what is distinctive about that page if many visitors are abandoning it without engaging with it. Is there more text here than elsewhere? Does it load more slowly now? This kind of insight will assist us in improving your website with more knowledge.


Review the websites of your competition.

Realize that while upgrading your website, we have to perform some research to check what your competitors are doing. We look at a few of their websites and compare our findings to yours.

Think about whether you could be missing any crucial details, pages, or material on your site. Or perhaps you come upon one or two good ideas that we might use to improve your website.

Investigate the data of your rivals to advance your evaluation. With the help of the metrics we choose, we will be able to assess how popular your website is compared to others. If this seems complicated, don’t worry; we have some helpful website analytics tools for this purpose. For instance:

You may use the search box on SimilarWeb to input your domain name or your rival’s domain name. It then generates a comprehensive report of traffic predictions in a relatively easy-to-use interface.

  • A highly rated SEO (search engine optimisation) tool, SEMRush gives you information on any website’s organic and sponsored traffic.
  • In Ahrefs, go to the ‘Site Explore’ area to see how the traffic of your rivals has evolved over time and contrast it with your own.
Obtain motivation

This is the perfect moment to look closely around and better understand your market. Search for ideas by looking at websites from related businesses and your own to see what inspires you. Or look at our Design Ideas here.

Consider other sources for inspiration, such as design museums or graphic design periodicals. Perhaps something completely unrelated to your field—like a colour scheme you spotted in a store window display or a concert poster—will also inspire you.

It’s time to use what you and we learned to improve your website after searching both the internet and offline worlds for ideas. However, we must be careful not to change too many little elements. After all, all we’re searching for are minor adjustments that we can make to improve your website.

Include compelling multimedia components

According to a study, first impressions matter regarding web design. Even if your website contains fascinating and high-quality content, it will not work if it does not look the part. Visitors who find your website visually appealing are more likely to stay on it, even if they have difficulty finding the material they are looking for.

Checking to see if your website follows design basics is an excellent start. Consider how we can upgrade, update, or add design features such as movies, sound, images, animations, and more to your websites. Incorporating eye-catching visual elements into your site may also assist us in developing a distinct design that will set you apart from competitors and quickly attract your audience.

Because you’re not starting from scratch, creating this new material is unnecessary. Instead, review your website and see if any present photos may be enhanced. You have various possibilities if you cannot afford the time and money required for a whole photo shoot.

We offer apps like Photoshop and others to help us edit your photos. We’ll be able to remove backgrounds from your photographs and add filters and other eye-catching effects. We may also utilise a fun and versatile Vector Art collection or explore libraries of high-quality images to meet your needs.

If you want to add a dynamic vibe to your website, we use a video editor to convert your films or still photos into professional promotional videos. Text, music, and special effects may all be used to produce compelling content that will entice your viewers/customers.

Adapt your design to the hottest design trends.

If you haven’t been keeping yourself informed, getting a thorough grasp of current web design trends might be challenging. We can assist with a professional website design in this situation. However, to stay sharp and present with the newest designs, we, as website experts, must keep our eyes and ears open.

We’ll frequently visit your rivals’ websites to see what they’re up to. We will be able to monitor and recognise any modifications or changes made to their websites, including the increased prominence of video usage, the inclusion of relevant pages, and more.

Reading articles in publications and blogs about current trends in web design is another method we keep informed. We also spend time perusing social media sites focusing on design, such as Elementor, Dribbble and Behance. They focus a lot on visual design, including animation, typography, illustration, and UI design inspiration. By doing so, we’ll clearly understand what’s happening in the larger field of graphic design and perhaps adapt some trends to your website.


We can carry out basic A/B testing

After we’ve made a few adjustments to your redesigned website, we should put it through A/B testing. This testing method entails establishing two versions of your website and running a test on each to collect traffic and user interaction statistics. It will assist us in making data-driven decisions and adjusting your website.

We may test two distinct CTAs, for instance, to determine which one encourages consumers to click on it more. Or we switch out a photo slideshow on one of your web pages for a full-screen video. The two versions may then be tested to discover which one works better. For inspiration, look at these powerful call-to-action examples.

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Improve your SEO.

Remember that we want search engines like Google to make it simple for your target audience to find you. Although someone may have previously made efforts to enhance your SEO, analysing it when we redesign your website is worthwhile. Along with new photos that need alt text, you’ll also have more pages that need optimised URLs.

Conducting a keyword research for you is an excellent place for us to start. Keywords are two to five-word phrases that potential clients seeking a company like yours could put into search engines. We look at expert SEO tools that will assist us in locating for you the correct terms and phrases to target through your website to improve your chances of ranking higher.

Website Design

Get ahead of the competition with a fantastic new website for the new year. Perhaps your design needs to be updated, or your marketing efforts could benefit from a boost. In any case, we can help you start the new year off right with the perfect website for your company.

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