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Best Web Hosting – SiteGround 2024

Best Web Hosting SiteGround by PWD
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Top website performance with their unique Ultrafast PHP, custom database setup, caching, etc.


SiteGround Review

The Best Web Hosting company is SiteGround, and it has been providing hosting software since 2014 and enjoys providing excellent customer service. In 2022, they had a client satisfaction score of nearly 100%, and they answer phone calls in seconds, support requests in 10 minutes on average, and are available 24/7 through chat.


They have hundreds of five-star reviews and their service is acknowledged all around the world. Read what genuine customers have to say about their hosting, why they rate their service so highly, and what sets them apart from the competition.

Customers reviews are taken from the SiteGround website

Trusted By Clients And Industry Experts Alike


SiteGround is a Bulgarian startup founded by university students in 2004. It has grown significantly since then, and it presently has over 500 staff and approximately 2.8 million domains.

The tech support crew is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. According to their website, they also seem to place great importance on loading speed.

There is a lot to consider, and SiteGround promises several advantages. But is everything true?

After putting the SiteGround Shared hosting solution through its paces on our site, I created this SiteGround review to help you determine whether it’s the best option for your website.

SiteGround Home Page

SiteGround Hosting Home Page by PWD

SiteGround Pricing & Hosting Plans

Note: Prices below are in Australian Dollars and exclude 10% GST, E&.O.E. Apr 2024, and Special Prices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Visit the website for current prices.

Save 81%

1 Website, unlimited traffic, 10Gb Space, Free SSL, Daily Backups, free emails, eCommerce

Save 81%

Unlimited Website, unlimited traffic, 20Gb Space, Free SSL, Daily Backups, free emails, eCommerce, 30% faster PHP

Save 80%

Unlimited Website, unlimited traffic, 40Gb Space, Free SSL, Daily Backups, free emails, eCommerce 30% faster PHP

To check the most current pricing, go directly to the website, as well as special discounts. If you sign up for our Newsletter, we will notify you of special bargains such as “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday”, “Boxing Day Specials,” and so on.

The SiteGround Pricing is for their most popular service, shared hosting options. SiteGround provides more web hosting choices and plans, the prices of which may be seen here.

SiteGround provides free WordPress website transfer and migration services.
It is extremely simple and free to migrate a website with our WordPress Migrator. Instal our Migrator plugin on the site to be migrated, obtain a token from your SiteGround Site Tools, and enter it into the plugin. The Migrator will migrate all of your content safely while maintaining your setup. The best part is that you can use the service absolutely free, and you may use it as often as you like.

Professional Transfer Service

SiteGround can provide expert website migration services starting at AUD 45.00. 10% GST is not included per site. Our professionals will move your files and databases for you. SiteGround migrates over 50,000 sites annually and understands how to make the process easy and risk-free!

What can each SiteGround Web Hosting package offer?

This hosting provider has three shared hosting plans that, in most situations, meet the needs of most customers – unless you have a large website. Take note that all plans share the following features:

  • They do not restrict the amount of traffic that your website may receive. However, shared hosting may fall short if you have a large number of monthly visitors (e.g., above 400,000).
  • Unlimited Database and Email Accounts
  • Free SSL
  • eCommerce Enabled
  • 30 Day Money Back guaranty
  • 24 Hour phone, chat and email support


How do you choose a suitable hosting plan?

Choosing an appropriate hosting package is heavily influenced by the nature and requirements of your website. In most circumstances, shared hosting plans will meet your site’s needs.

The StartUp plan is ideal for small- to medium-sized blogs, personal websites, or company websites. It includes all necessary features like email accounts, SSL, CDN, SSH, and 24/7 support. You will outgrow this hosting plan if your site has more than 10,000 unique visitors per month.

The GrowBig Plan: Premium features like enhanced caching, on-demand backups and WordPress staging are available with the GrowBig plan. This plan is intended to support a single, more heavily frequented website or numerous smaller ones. If you run a highly trafficked or resource-intensive website, the GoGeek package is your best bet.

The GoGeek Plan: Customers of GoGeek get access to additional resources and premium assistance. This plan is ideal for medium-sized e-commerce companies since it allows for a broader product line! This is also a viable solution for resellers since they may provide their clients with access to a white-label site administration interface.

Cloud Hosting Plan is ideal for large e-commerce sites since it offers dedicated resources and an autoscale option, which may spare you downtime and income loss during unexpected traffic peaks. It is also the most significant choice for large hosting resellers since it allows you to create white-label clients and set specific hosting resource limits for each client.

What Is a “Fair Use” of SiteGround Web

Note: You may run into “Inodes” capacity limits

Number of Inodes on the account

The number of inodes on your account, also known as the number of files, folders, and email messages, is critical for appropriate I/O disc usage and impacts the remainder of the server resources. Every file or folder action, such as reading, listing, modifying, or backing up, necessitates the use of such I/Os, as well as RAM and CPU. As a result, we suggest that you consider the following hard limits:

  • On StartUp plans: 200000 inodes per account.
  • On GrowBig plans: 400000 inodes per account.
  • On GoGeek plans: 600000 inodes per account.

Note: So, if you have numerous websites with many photographs, files and emails, you may need to upgrade or limit the number of files and email accounts for the customer.

How to keep your account within the acceptable use limits here?

Exceeding or even approaching these figures should raise a warning signal for you as a web admin since it signifies one of two things: your website has surpassed the existing hosting plan capacity or requires optimisation. That is why SeiteGround will provide pointers on what to look for to maintain your account within the bounds of resources.

Periodically clean old and unused files – backups and emails being the two most common – from the account to decrease the inode usage and the consumption of server resources.

SiteGround can help you obtain a domain name.


Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress hosting vs. Web Hosting

When SiteGround says “WordPress Hosting”, we refer to a web hosting service that supports WordPress specifically.

WordPress is generally not hard to be accommodated, and many regular hosts do it perfectly. All they need is to cover several basic requirements for compatibility with the software, such as running MySQL and PHP on their servers.

The real differentiating factor between hosts focused on WordPress and other regular ones are in their expertise and dedication to WordPress – those that claim to be WordPress hosts usually offer additional support and features specifically for WP.

SiteGround offers managed WordPress service in all its plans, which includes automatic updates of the core and free plugins, convenience tools such as staging, WP-CLI, WordPress Starter and WordPress Migrator, and performance and security features on the server level and application level via the SiteGround Optimizer plugin and SiteGround Security plugin.

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that needs a hosting environment with MySQL database and PHP language to function and make your WordPress-powered website available on the net.

When choosing your host, you first need to make sure that it covers these basic technical requirements to accommodate the software and then consider additional WordPress-specific services that are included in the hosting plan to give you maximum convenience and peace of mind, such as security features, performance boosters and other managed solutions.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Regular Hosting?

When it comes to WordPress, managed service adds an extra layer of convenience for WordPress site owners. Managed WP hosts like SiteGround will take care of the WordPress updates, keep track of vulnerabilities, offer WAF protection and other security services, and build solutions that specifically offer WordPress performance and security boosts.

This additional layer of security, speed and convenience tools explain the premium price range compared to regular hosting.

Why SiteGround For WordPress?

SiteGround is one of the leading WordPress hosting providers recommended by

The brand has built an excellent reputation for top-rated 24/7 customer service and support expertise, bundled with an all-inclusive list of services and solutions crafted for WordPress specifically.

On top of its robust and ultrafast hosting platform, which uses the innovative Google Cloud infrastructure, there are many performance and security features with frequent additions and enhancements.

Which WordPress Hosting Plan Should I Choose?

SiteGround WordPress Hosting plans differ regarding allocated resources and available features. For regular sites that are just kicking it off or do not maintain an extensive database and/or don’t get much traffic, SiteGround recommends their StartUp plan.

For growing websites, which actively develop their visitors, you may consider their GrowBig plan. For developed, well-visited sites with growing databases, especially eCommerce sites, please look at our GoGeek plan or cloud solutions.

When to use SiteGround hosting?

I would wholeheartedly suggest SiteGround since it provides unmatched services. It’s appropriate for serious projects, and you can switch to one of its premium hosting plans if you require more performance in the future (e.g. cloud hosting or dedicated). I remarkably advise it for the following:

  • Online store (SiteGround WooCommerce hosting available)
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Websites that run on WordPress
  • Large corporate websites
  • Developers and designers that want quality and good customer support
  • Those looking for features like staging, Git repositories or SSH access
  • In general, anything that will require high-performance solutions.


When not to use SiteGround hosting?

Even though this hosting provider can accommodate a wide range of profiles, there are some situations when it might not be the ideal choice:

  • If you are looking for Cheap Web Hosting.
  • If you need Windows Based Servers.
  • If you need a lot of Webspace and have a small Budget

SiteGround Specifications

Ease of Use


Following SiteGround’s backend is simple. You won’t get lost on any of its pages or subpages since it is easy to navigate. Their visual interface, which you can modify to meet your needs, is used to manage the web hosting (e.g. decide to show some sections or not). Their backend is quite contemporary; it had a thorough revamp in 2019.

Domain Names


Unlimited sub-domains can be formed. More than one domain name may be added. Remember that the StartUp plan only allows for one website, whilst the other two options allow for unlimited websites. Additionally, you can install your websites on a free (SiteGround) subdomain, which might help build test websites.

Email Rating


They provide unlimited email addresses. Additionally, your email service may be linked to other services like Gmail.



The maximum size for any database is 1 GB, but you are free to build as many as you like. You may get limitless SiteGround Cloud hosting if you require more. You may make use of PostgreSQL and MySQL.



Numerous applications may be installed via their interface, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, ZenCart, and others. The installation procedure is quite simple and takes only a few minutes.

Webspace Limit


The webspace included with the StartUp plan is 10 GB (and 200.000 inodes), the GrowBig package is 20 GB (and 400.000 inodes), and the GoGeek package is 40 GB (and 600.000 inodes). The inodes count is roughly equivalent to the number of files hosted in the account.

Monthly Data Transfer


There is no Data Transfer Limit

FTP Accounts


As many FTP accounts as you require can be created. There are other options for SFTP and SSH connections.

Server Locations


Currently, SiteGround uses the following data centre locations:

Four Centers in the USA, London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Sydney (Australia) and Singapore. Plus, several CDN (Content Delivery Networks) around the world.

Security Feature


SiteGround isolates all accounts, so you won’t be harmed even if your IP neighbour is susceptible. Any SiteGround plan automatically includes a free SSL certificate thanks to “Let’s Encrypt.” Additionally, you may add two-factor authentication to your SiteGround account to increase security. And you can safeguard any website using the “SG Security” WordPress plugin they created.

Server Speed


Few web hosting companies are speedier than SiteGround, which employs high-speed SSD drives. A caching mechanism is included with all SiteGround plans for your dynamic content, considerably enhancing performance. One of the quickest web providers we tested, their loading times are excellent.



The SiteGround servers have fantastic uptime. They guarantee network uptime of 99.9% on an annual basis. If they fall below the guaranteed network uptime, they will compensate you.



They create backups each day. If there is an emergency, you can ask them to restore one of the most recent thirty. You will have additional choices for building and using your backups with the GrowBig and GoGeek packages.

Google Cloud


Today, all SiteGround customers use a solution run on Google Cloud infrastructure. And the SiteGround team feels better able to deliver to their core needs: uptime, speed, security, and innovation.
See Google Cloud Writeup about SiteGround

PHP Service


With managed PHP, SiteGround will update your PHP on your behalf whenever a more recent, secure version becomes available, providing you with the most recent security and performance improvements. All newly active accounts on our platform have access to this service by default. However, customers can toggle it ON and OFF for each site via the Site Tools page.



The support staff at SiteGround is renowned for being responsive, pleasant, and helpful. Their consumers consistently affirm this reality by providing them with numerous five-star evaluations and satisfaction levels that are close to 100%.


Google Cloud Hosting

Empowering businesses to build a successful web presence

By migrating its web-hosting services to Google Cloud, SiteGround enhanced availability, performance, and environmental impact for the 2 million domain owners subscribed to its services.

Google Cloud results
  • It helps decrease infrastructure maintenance overhead and improve operational efficiency.
  • Meets custom needs to ensure a dynamic hosting environment for hundreds of applications
  • Simplifies data migration with Persistent Disk
  • Achieves up to 500% faster performance when combined with other software optimizations.

For practically all businesses worldwide, online presence has become essential in the past ten years. This is fueling the industry’s explosive expansion, which is expected to continue through 2027 at a 15.5% annual growth rate. SiteGround has established a strong reputation as a web hosting company supporting over 2 million domains in this rapidly expanding market. Customers praise its quality of service, including its customised control-panel software, top-tier platform performance, superb security, and 99.9% uptime guarantees.

“At SiteGround, providing excellent service has always come first. In addition to providing exceptional customer care, SiteGround believes they succeed by developing website administration, performance, and security solutions.” According to Ivailo Nikolov, CIO of SiteGround, “working with Google Cloud has helped us reduce a significant maintenance cost, allowing us to concentrate on creating distinctive hosting solutions.”

SiteGround operated its services on bare-metal servers situated in four data centres worldwide for many years. Despite having unquestionable performance metrics, that infrastructure required upkeep. Teams had to match capacity to demand cost-effectively, increase machine capacity as technologies advanced, and account for hardware failures and scalability. To save maintenance costs, improve service dependability, and lower the possibility of breakdowns, SiteGround opted for a cloud solution. The business sought a remedy from Google Cloud.

Read more at Google Cloud


SiteGround is fantastic. It has excellent speed and unmatched availability statistics.

They can effectively transmit data to screens worldwide because of technologies like the Supercacher (which may enhance loading speeds by 40%), Superfast PHP implementation, and migrating their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform.

They have a world-class support staff, and as a managed WordPress server, they integrate seamlessly with WordPress.
Remember that you may try SiteGround for a month and get a refund if you’re unhappy.

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